Straight Guy Pact

‘Straight Guy Pact’ is another hot and horny hardcore movie made by and released by ‘Str8 To Gay, starring all exclusive to Men star Will Braun, and Conner Maguire.

The site

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The movie

‘Straight Guy Pact’ starts off with the sexy red head Conner Maguire cooking food on the cooker. Will Braun comes into the kitchen as it’s about to be ready and sits up on a work top. Conner goes to test the food, but spills the bolognaise down his white t-shirt. He takes it off and carries on doing the cooking. Conner doesn’t like the way Will is staring at his hairy and muscular top, so he goes into the bedroom to get changed. Will turns the food off and follows Conner into the bedroom and jumps on the bed as he carries on staring at Conner’s hot body. Conner looks at Will, and knows that Will has been after his dick for ages. This time he tells Will that they can get it over and done with, but as long as they don’t tell anyone. Will tells him that he is good at keeping secrets.
Will almost jumps off the bed in his hastes as and they lock their bodies in a tight embrace and kiss each other on the lips. Will’s hand goes straight down as he rubs Conner’s juicy thick eight and a half inch cock through his boxer shorts. He pulls his shorts down and as he sinks to his knees, he tells Conner what a lovely cock he has got. The he opens his mouth and wastes no time at all putting it between his lips and begins to suck. Will was born to suck cock as Conner soon finds out as he deep throats him right to his soft red pubes. Conner admits that he should have let him do this a long time ago as Will keeps on sucking.
Will gets a big surprise next as Conner pushes him on to the bed and returns the favour as he sucks Will’s cock and plays with his balls. Will can’t believe that this is Conner’s first time on sucking a cock as it feels so good, and it is making Will’s body tingle all over with excitement.
Will is so excited that he asks Conner if he will please fuck him. Conner doesn’t hesitate as he stands up and Will Opens his legs as Conner slides his condom covered cock slowly into his tight asshole. Will is soon moaning and groaning in list as he feels Conner’s cock banging against his prostate as he fucks him in the missionary positon. Conner starts of slowly, but soon picks up the pace and fucks him like a runaway train.
Will then rides Conner’s cock for a while, then they get back into the missionary position where Will Braun shoots his hot cum over his smooth body. Conner Maguire then pulls his cock out and covers Will’s cum drenched body all over with his big load.
They remember the pact that they gave at the beginning, and when Will asks if they can do it again, Conner’s answers him by saying ‘Oh Yeah, any time.’

The guys

Conner Maguire is about the best looking red head around in the porn industry. He has a handsome face and a lovely hairy muscular body. He is versatile with a meaty eight and a half inch uncut cock. He is six foot two inches tall and has amazing green eyes. Conner has starred in 40 hardcore movies for, and in his last movie ‘Stealing Johnny Part 3’ he had a wild orgy with Jason Maddox, Johnny Rapid and once again, Will Braun.
Will Braun is a cute looking guy that you would happily take to home to show off to your parents, or even your gran. He is an all exclusive star to, and he is five feet six inches tall with brown hair and blue eyes. Will is versatile and has a seven inch cut cock.
Will has starred in fifty-six hardcore movies for Men dot com, and in his last movie, he gets his tight ass drilled deep by Dalton Briggs in ‘Becoming A Man’ which was released by ‘Str8 To Gay.’